Monitor proposed sales tax administration changes and advancements at the state level, including proposed and approved legislation, case law, administrative rulings, and any interim study or white paper regarding sales tax administration, and provide reliable information to STC members and public policy makes.

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Study the economic impact of any change in current sales tax administration laws required by Wayfair compliance and furthermore, to educate local governments, policy makers and the public about the potential financial impact of those changes to Texas businesses, local governments and their citizens.

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Ensure that Texas’ sales and use tax laws and administrative rules maintain origin / point of sales sourcing rules when determining apportionment of local sales and use tax revenue for all intrastate transactions.

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About Us

The Sales Tax Coalition (STC) is a non-profit organization formed in 2003 to educate policy makers and the public about the importance of local Sales Tax issues and their impact on local governments, businesses and consumers. STC’s members are local governments concerned about changes to state law resulting from the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Wayfair decision, particularly with the potential change to historic sales tax sourcing.


It is the mission of the Sales Tax Coalition to work with the State of Texas and the business community to create a truly simplified sales tax system that will promote easy business compliance, foster sales tax collection from interstate remote sellers and benefit our local government members and all Texas citizens while preserving point of sale origin sourcing for intra-state transactions and prevent adverse financial impacts to Texas businesses, local governments and all our citizens.

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The urgency of these interrelated issues cannot be overstated.  Your city is invited to join the 2020-2021 efforts to secure legislative and rule-making success in maintaining the State of Texas’ origin-based sales tax sourcing.